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Massage Oil
Lavender Body & Massage Oil
You can't beat the combination of the unique relaxing fragrance of Lavender and a good massage. Feel the tension lift with this Lavender Massage Oil. Use after a shower, rub onto wet skin, pat dry. Especially soothing for those of us who spend our days working out in the sun. Size: 4.0oz

Therapy Cream
Deep Therapy Hand Cream
$5.95 & $7.95
Our number one seller!
Keep hands youthful and supple with this deep therapy hand cream. Thick moisturizing cream, with no grease or film left behind. Perfect for that extra moisture, heals dry rough hands, even good for other dry areas such as knees, elbows, heels, etc.
Sizes: 2oz & 4oz
Fragrances: Lavender,
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Essential Oil
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
This high grade oil, derived by steam distillation has a gentle sweet aroma. Lavender essential oil is one of the very few essential oils that can be put directly on the skin. Great for burns, bug bites, small cuts and scrapes as well as headaches, potpourri, refreshing linen sachets - need I say more.
Size: 10ml

Lavender Essential Oil
Lip Balm Sticks
Lip Balm
Scrumptious and soothing all natural lip balm. Heals and protects your lips. Tastes good too! One Great Flavor - Size: .15oz
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Body Lotion
Lavender Hand & Body Lotion
This long-lasting hand and body lotion glides on smooth to soften and heal without leaving a greasy feeling. Enriched with Lavender oil, Sunflower oil and Shea Butter. Size: 6.0oz

Headache Relief
Headache Relief
Essential oils of Lavender and peppermint together create this phenomenal product. All natural headache relief that you roll onto temples and base of neck to relieve the worst of headaches quickly.  My daughter was a skeptic until I convinced her to try it during a headache.
Now she uses it at the slightest sign of a headache and even uses it to minimize the affects of an occasional migraine. Fits in your purse or pocket. Size: 5.9ml


Blue Eye Pillow
Eye Pillow- Lavender Blue
For relaxation, tension-relief or headache remedy. Use directly from the freezer for cooling. Microwave for heating. Or just use at room temperature. Very versatile and can benefit everyone. Filled with lavender buds and flax seed.